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Introduction to Lily

Lily app is an easy-to-set-up Loyalty Points and Rewards Program application developed to be easily applicable on different e-commerce platforms and easy to integrate into different regions at the same time covering its project objectives.

Project objectives

Simple installation and easy-to-set-up free loyalty program app for e-commerce businesses that help get the most out of every interaction with customers;
Integrated metrics are here to help collect the most comprehensive statistics in order to measure the efficiency of the loyal program and its impact on the sales funnel;
Branding is aimed to match the widget with a brand, i.e. to control its colors, visibility, placement, etc.;
Notifications sent by email are here to encourage customers to use rewards they’ve earned/redeemed.

By now Lily has 6 main modules:

Rewards (Points Program, Referral program);
Customer emails (Points earned, Reward redeemed);
Performance (Points program, Referral program);
Customers (Customer profile);
Branding (Rewards widget: Colors, Widget Screen, Widget Button);
Settings (General: Email settings, Import customers, Rewards).

You may find more details in the following articles:

- Settings
- Redeem rewards
- Earn points
- Order rewarding settings
- How to import points?
- Customer emails
- Performance
- Branding

That’s it! If you need help, please feel free to reach out to us at 😊.

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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